Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard

Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard

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The Inboard M1 has transformed not only how an electric skateboard works, but how it feels. With technology that combines in-wheel motors, a battery you can swap in seconds, and integrated LED lights, Inboard will introduce you to a whole new ride.

The Manta Drive has no gearing, no belts, and no limitations. Experience smooth acceleration, unsurpassed glide, and never change a worn out belt again.

The easily accessible PowerShift Battery can be swapped in seconds. Carry extras in your bag and swap them into the M1 to multiply your range.

The RFLX Remote offers effortless control over acceleration and braking without the worry of dropping the remote, allowing you to focus on the most important thing of all: enjoying the ride.

Inboard Technology was founded by Ryan Evans and Theo Cerboneshci in late 2014 with a vision to transform the personal transportation market. The Inboard team was built around a dedicated group of board and outdoor sports enthusiasts who also happen to be designers and engineers.

The Inboard M1 is the first electric skateboard to be designed from the ground up to be robust and versatile enough to be suitable for everyday transportation.